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Yellow Wedding Theme


If you want a ceremony to match a bright personality, try a yellow wedding theme. This sunny, cheerful idea is simple to do well; yellow can be paired with many other colors, too, like orange, pink, even black and white.

yellow wedding theme

Sunflowers, daffodils, daisies, and tulips are a great choice of flowers for this theme. Fortunately, yellow wedding flowers like these are in season at different times so they should be very easy to select. In fact, using a winter wedding theme with shades of yellow might brighten an otherwise dreary time of year, despite the nontraditional colors.

I like the shade of this flowy dress from Chrstina Wu for this yellow wedding theme.

The lanterns are from Luna Bazaar

Using yellow fruit like lemons can enhance any table or centerpiece. Cut lemon slices and place them in clear jars, or take whole lemons and place around the table. The concept of lemons can also extend to drink ideas, too, from lemon drops to lemonade.

I included rubber duckies for fun, though they could add a playful touch to the guest book table or as a favor gift idea.

As the gallery below shows, gluing yellow silk sunflowers on a favor box livens the table and also makes a favor box your guests will likely keep long after the ceremony.

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