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Winter Wedding Ideas


Winter wedding ideas are full of elegance, really incorporating the snowy weather. The color scheme I used is clearly silver, though I illustrated on the wedding theme ideas page that warm colors could be used, too. If your wedding is around Christmas, then deep shades of green and maroon could look breathtaking.

winter wedding themes

This sweeping, snowy dress is from Isa Makino, lovely for winter wedding ideas. While some themes should include soft, subtle dresses, anything for winter wedding themes should use beading, embellishments, and other details that play against the silver theme.

For favor ideas (many of which you could likely make), here are a few. As always, each image is a link which will take you to the site!

Hang snowflakes and crystals from the ceiling and centerpieces for a wintry look. By the way, I was at the dollar store and found 10 of these glittery snowflakes for a dollar, and the same was true for silver ornaments.

I included many snowflake candleholders I found perusing the internet.

I love the idea of using crystals for winter wedding bouquets, and I think this one from Porcelain Roses is striking.

Winter Slideshow

In the slideshow, ornaments are commonly used. Think about using glitter poinsettas, pinecones, silver organza bows, wreaths, and white Christmas lights to decorate the venue. Try to find a space with large windows to display the snowy scenery outside, since it will open the space and provide much of the decoration for you.


Check out Christmas wedding ideas and Christmas wedding centerpieces. Don't worry--these pages offer an icy look in colors other than the traditional red and green!

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