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White wedding ideas are so underrated. Everyone uses white, but few make it the central theme. I think the simplicity of a white wedding is absolutely lovely. Be forewarned--there are many different shades of white! Be sure to see your layout, fabrics, flowers, etc beforehand to avoid "pinkish white" somehow mixing with "greenish white." Like with the black and white wedding theme, patterns will be equally important. So, play up the texture on vases, tablecloths, menu cards, etc.

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If looking for a dress with extreme attention to detail and nicely patterned, try to find a dress from Aire Barcelona, which I immediately chose for this white wedding ideas collage. The dresses have an ethereal quality I really like.

White paper poms are easy to hang in the area. For white centerpieces, use white lanterns, candleholders, porcelain vases, and white flowers, like orchids or roses.

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So here, a couple different flowers are featured: orchids, roses, lilies, and the ones that splay all over the place are called dendrobiums.

For white wedding flowers, you have a few options: keep em low and use wide glass jars, submerge them in water in a medium-sized glass vase and surround it with candles, or, you could choose a high, narrow vase and fill it with dendrobiums or lilies. Also, you could choose classic, Grecian-style porcelain vases and place in a simple white bouquet of white roses.

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