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Exploring Wedding Colors Ideas


When it came to exploring wedding colors ideas, I know I never had a favorite color growing up, so I was stumped. I mean, I could go on a very long speech about primary and tertiary: which ones to mix, which ones clash… but I don’t believe a word of it: I am firmly convinced that there is no such thing as an ugly color scheme. The best colors are the ones right for you. Bottom line.

While that's all nice in theory, below you'll find pages full of visual images of colors and their potential counterparts. Black and white, peacock colors, red and gold… each can look gorgeous as a wedding reception idea.

The how to pick wedding colors article will reveal one of the best wedding secrets I was given by my sister: since then, I now know how to choose wedding colors using a very basic tool. You’ll have to click it to find out, though. It’s pure magic.

Peacock Wedding Ideas

So let’s get the ball rolling! Let’s take a peacock wedding. I think this theme is gorgeous, and I was close to pulling it off until my fiancé vetoed it (he hasn’t caught on how beautiful feathers can be, I don’t think). Anyway, this theme is vibrant in purples, blues, dark green, olive, with a bit of gold, maybe some silver. If choosing a peacock wedding, you have a ton of colors to work with.

peacock wedding colors
Use organza fabrics, as they are multi-colored like a peacock's feathers. You can use the purple, magenta, or teal colors for the backs of wedding chairs or they’d go well with any ideas for wedding favors you may have.

Orchids are great flowers to use, since the magenta pink with white fits nicely. Consider using the large iron candle holders like the one seen from, drape some orchid flowers in there, and use turquoise or purple table cloths (or table runners on white table cloth works). Try finding gold party favors to match these wedding colors ideas.

Peacock feather hair pieces are awesome for you or your bridesmaids to wear. The Etsy shop NevaPlume makes some great ones.

I love the bridesmaid teal dress (or heck, use it as your wedding dress!). Normally when I hear "teal" I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy… but this dress by Debenham works for wedding colors ideas for a peacock wedding. Same is true for their shoes, which also appear like feathers. Very cool. Wedding colors are easier to envision when you can see them on a dress. Some teal colors are horrid, but they can also work well with some wedding colors ideas.

As a bride’s dress, try weaving in some gold along with the silver. "Feathery" dresses like this Demetrios dress could work with these peacock wedding color ideas, but if the huge skirt isn’t your thing, then I think a long train works fine.

Peacock Wedding Dresses

Enjoy the album below of some feathery peacock wedding dresses! If you click on the dress, you should see a link option taking you to the designer's website.


Peacock Wedding Flowers

Consider using these flowers and bouquet ideas for your own peacock wedding theme.

slide 5: cymbidium orchids
slide 6-8: snapdragons
slide 9-10: hydrangeas
slide 11-12: calla lillies
slide 13-14: iris
slide 15-16: lavender


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purple wedding flowers

The purple wedding flowers above are lavender roses mixed with cala lillies.

purple wedding ideas

Judging from the purple wedding colors in the pictures, it's quite easy to mix textures and fabrics when formulating wedding centerpieces.

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