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Unique Wedding Centerpieces


Unique wedding centerpieces are those that reflect who you are: it could be your love of all things art deco, your heritage, talent in music or anything else. Why not incorporate those loves into your centerpiece design? All of the creative wedding centerpieces below opt for something other than orchids. May they give you inspiration, too.

Paper wedding centerpieces

As budget brides look for ways to cut costs while also looking for ways to make their table a little more creative, paper is replacing flowers.

unique wedding centerpieces

I made this design below to show how tying paper cranes to manzanita branches (along with a few bougainvilla blossoms) can look pretty great. You don't have to know origami to make awesome centerpieces from paper. The gallery below shows a host of other possibilities.

Paper wedding centerpieces are great for the following reasons: you can get any and all colors in paper. Paper is inexpensive. You can keep the centerpieces long after the wedding. They're completely original. Origami, with enough practice, is easy enough to learn. You can find all sorts of patterns of paper, too.

Birdcage Centerpiece

Birdcages are another up-and-coming trend. Before, they were used primarily as letter holders placed on the guest book table. Now, they're being used in all sorts of brilliant ways for centerpieces. I've been amazed at the beauty of some of these, and I'll try including some of the best ones I've seen.

birdcage centerpiece

If you go this route, feel free to use moss, candles, wreaths, sticks, nests, and anything else within the birdcage as well as on the outside.

Mirror Centerpieces

Mirrors can be used to reflect light and create an illusion of depth. They're super-easy to use, since they basically function as a place. The best result will be using candles or glass, though placing flowers on mirrors can look pretty, too. They're pretty easy to find: I got this list on Ebay for unique wedding centerpieces using mirrors.

Book Centerpieces

The erudite, literary brides might want to consider using books for unique wedding centerpieces. Antique books are the ones shown, but if you have a wide collection of art books, comic books, music books (or whatever else refelcts your interests) then you can just easily use those. Just tie up a bundle with some beautiful ribbon, place a flower vase or candles on top, and it's an elegant, easy centerpiece. Dried flowers could also look great for this type of centerpiece.

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