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Tulip Wedding Centerpieces


Tulip wedding centerpieces are sweet, simple, unassuming and elegant. Tulip wedding flowers are in season during spring and summer, and can be paired with other flowers like the hyacinth, iris, lilies, pansies, daisies, roses hydrangeas, dahlias, calla lilies, and others.

Tulips can come in all colors, and you can get them in any season... but here's a warning: they're pretty heat-sensitive. So, keep em cool to avoid wilting. In good news, these flowers are very versatile: use the buds floating in water, stick them in tall wedding centerpieces, or make a simple bouquet. Either style works.

The symbolism behind these flowers derive namely from Turkey, with the origins of the word being from a "turban." In fact, a myth from the region about unrequited love gave the tulip its symbolism of "perfect love."

But ok, enough about the treatment and meaning of love. How can these flowers turn into tulip wedding centerpieces? Easily. The gallery below will show how tulips can come in a wide variety of vases, sizes, and designs.

Wedding Centerpiece Gallery

As you can see, fruit is commonly used in the vases, either whole or in cut pieces. Additionally, submerged tulip centerpieces are becoming popular, too.

If you're choosing to make your own wedding centerpieces, I've included a few links below on the ideas board for some great resources that give step-by-step instructions.

Make Your Own Tulip Centerpiece Board

Here are the links I've found. Just click on the pictures to be directed to the article giving the instructions. I'm especially surprised at how easy the Martha Stewart video is to make easy tulip wedding centerpieces


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