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Tall Wedding Centerpieces


Tall wedding centerpieces can really fill a room. If your wedding venue is in a place with a super-high ceiling, consider using a wedding centerpiece with height to fill out the space. The same is true if you're having a very large wedding: more tables creates a need to add height, whereas a smaller wedding with fewer tables shouldn't be shielded by tall centerpieces.

tall wedding centerpieces

How to design a tall centerpiece: your choice of vase will be the first decision. Trumpet vases, lily vases, eiffel tower vases, and martini vases can all be used. I designed an album below indicating what each of these look like, and how they can be used.

wedding centerpiece vases

So ok, what's the difference between these vases? Eh, not a lot. You at least get to throw around these terms with your florist when describing what you want, though: "I'd like curly willow and dendrobiums in a trumpet vase" instead of, "uhm... something tall, I guess?" By the way, the latter was totally me until I actually wrote this page.

We've got the vase. Check. Now let's delve into what flowers/sticks/fruit/stuff to use for these tall wedding centerpieces.

The best flowers are orchids, dendrobiums, calla lilies. You can also use any tropical flowers (they stand tall very easily) like anthuriums, birds of paradise, and heliconia. "Tree branch"-like centerpieces are usually made from curly willow/willow branch or manzanita branches. Flowers that "drape" down the vase beautifully would be amaranthus.

Throwing the names of flowers you may or may not have heard won't help... so here's an image gallery of these particular flowers, though many more can be used (as you'll see in the gallery later).

tall wedding flowers
1) calla lilies 2) heliconia 3) orchids 4) birds of paradise 5) manzanita branches 6) dendrobiums 7) anthurium 8) curly willow 9) amaranthus.

Tall Wedding Centerpieces Gallery

Now let's tie everything together and give you some inspiration for these centerpieces.

If you're curious as to the price for these things, then check out Ebay for tall wedding centerpieces vases.

As a final note, as you can see from the photos you can really use the same flowers for any other centerpiece and simply add height by using the aforementioned vases.

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