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Silver Wedding Colors


Silver wedding colors fit perfectly for any winter or Christmas

wedding theme, though you can really use them any time of year for a glistening, elegant look. Additionally, this color can be paired with just about any color: pink, gold, and purple are just a few.

silver wedding colors

This collage is made with a slightly pinkish hue. Obvious choices are glass and silver goblets, tins for wedding favors, and as many pearls, diamonds, and glistening accents as you can find. Winter is a great time of year for this theme since the snow will enhance the color scheme.

The dress chosen for these silver wedding colors is from Claire Pettibone.

Like all color schemes, play with texture and patterns when designing invitations, tablecloths, and favors.

Your wedding flowers should be white or white with the accent color, in either a glass vase or a silver one. Floating candles in water with the soft flicker or candles would also look beautiful--silver is a great choice if you have enough mirror-like materials which can brighten the room as it plays with the light. Many mirror centerpieces would go well with these wedding colors for that reason, too.

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