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Red Wedding Theme


A red wedding theme can be vibrant, lively, and fiery. The color symbolizes love, passion, warmth, and compassion. If this epitomizes your relationship, think about having it as the central color and using these ideas. Below is a very basic style using red tones.

red wedding theme

I love the parasol in the background! Think about laying these by the ceremony alter to make the color pop.

The wedding dress is from Allure Bridals.

The bridesmaid dress is from

The cake is from OK

The red picture frame favors are from American

The earrings are from Blue I'd highly recommend some ruby chandelier earrings or something else with some rubies for a nice accent.

For food and drink, serve some specialty-color beverages like wine or more creatively, pomegranate martinis. Likewise, foods like apples, strawberries and pomegranates can be used in centerpieces or desserts.

Red Wedding Theme: Moroccan Style

So, in the event that brides want something a little different, try a moroccan reception. To do so, use colorful fabrics to drape tables. A tent might be the best option to drape these fabrics, add ottomans for furniture, and hang lanterns everywhere.

red wedding theme

The wedding dress is from Allure Bridals.

The gold earrings are from Nina Nguyen, who adds lovely gold hues to a red wedding theme

The lanterns are from Moroccan Caravan.

The organza bags are from an Ebay seller.

The beaded candle holders are also from American

It really depends how you want to celebrate and with which added hues. Sometimes you can add some orange, gold, yellows... or you may want to keep the colors more traditional with some black or maybe silver accents. Either way, red is a lively color which can make for a gorgeous occasion!

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Consider using Asian sandlewood fans for the favors, tied with colored ribbon


Pomegranates really are a lovely fruit to use for wedding centerpieces. Put their seeds in glass jars, halve them and lay them on the table if you're having a winter celebration when they're in season.

If you're thinking of a Moroccan cuisine, make some couscous with cranberries, carrots, and other veggies.

Try finding a lot of pillows with rich patterns to place around the tent. The ones below are from Badia Design. This site has a ton of great stuff.

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