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A pink wedding theme conjurs a great mix of elegance, playfulness, and tradition. It symbolizes love, purity, innocence, flirtatiousness, and femininity. These representations are perfect for any wedding, and pink has remained a popular choice amongst brides for the last few decades. Should you choose pink, they're still unique wedding colors without being passe. Translation: fifty years from now, you won't look at your wedding colors and wonder what in the world you were thinking.

pink wedding theme

The choices for a pink wedding are endless. You can easily choose a bouquet of fresh pink roses, lilies, orchids, or ranunculus. If you've never heard of the last flower, they're becoming increasingly popular. Their paper-like petal structure mirrors the trend of using all kinds of paper accessories (pom poms, lanterns, etc). Below is a picture of these flowers.

pink bouquet

In the collage, I like the idea of using a simple wedding dress, though you could just as easily go as casual or glamorous as you wish for this pink wedding theme. I chose a more playful approach, using cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and simple dahlias in a pink vase (both from Ikea).

This knee-length dress for this pink wedding theme is from Amsale's "little white dress" collection, where they showcase several adorable tea length wedding dresses.

Wedding Colors Ideas Photo Gallery

This gallery gives many unique wedding centerpiece ideas, including submerging several pink wedding flowers like tulips and orchids in water. Think about a candy bar, too, since so many types of candy can be used to add color and playfulness to the theme.

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