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Orchid Centerpiece Wedding


An orchid centerpiece wedding design is so classy. Many different colors of this flower is available, from a greenish hue to pink to purple to a simple white.

orchid centerpiece wedding

Orchids are one of the more expensive wedding flowers, but one flower can go a long way with some creativity--some of the pictures below use only a few, but look stunning. Pairing this flower with others (like roses, dahlias, tulips, etc) will also help lower the price and can enhance the look than if only orchids were used. The reason for the high price tag is because they're often flown in from Hawaii or other humid, tropical destinations.

Orchid flower symbolism: the flower represents luxury, strength, beauty and, not surprisingly based on its shape, virility. Their delicate, soft and aromatic nature makes them one of the most sought after wedding flowers.

So, what are the types of orchids weddings tend to use? The board below represents the main types.

Types of Orchids

I specify to weddings since technically, hundreds of orchids exist but not all of them are used in weddings. The 5 most common are displayed, though I should also specify that these types of orchids can come in all colors... not just the ones shown.

types of orchids
They don't look too different than the other, but the dendrobium flowers tend to have more per stem, whereas the phalaenopsis flowers are used a little more sparingly since they yield only a few flowers per stem. Nonetheless, the phalaenopsis orchids are the most commonly used ones, with the cymbidium, mokara and vanda ones used less often. These last three have crazy colors, though, which could look fantastic if used as an accent in your wedding bouquet.

Orchid Centerpiece Wedding Gallery

Onto the gallery! Isn't amazing how many ways you can use these flowers? Like with the tulip wedding centerpieces, submerging a few flowers into a glass vase can look beautiful since it magnifies the details of the orchid. Add a candle on top and it creates a soft glow. Otherwise, you could choose to go tall and couple some orchid stems with curly willow. This style is perfect for a winter or fall wedding theme. If you have a wedding in the spring or summer, opt for bright, cheery flowers to pair with orchids like daffodils, bright roses, or even gerbera daisies.

If you choose to make your own, I suggest this article, which provides step-by-step instructions (and cost) on creating an

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