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Lantern Centerpiece


A lantern centerpiece is one of the newer centerpiece trends, but they can look so lovely. To fill out the space, consider using one large lantern or three smaller ones. Use a wreath and place the centerpiece in it for an added effect. Really, these can fit in any type of wedding theme as evident in the picture.

These lanterns can be expensive. Just a warning. A typical lantern usually doesn't cost under $15, and can run as high as $40. On the flip side, you can reuse these lanterns after the wedding is over. Plus, a flower centerpiece may run this high as well.

lantern centerpiece

Lantern Centerpiece Board

There are, however, different types of lanterns. Each have their own name, and the cost can vary between the lanters. So, I've listed 6 common types on the board below.

lantern centerpiece 2

1) Pagoda lantern. This type comes in various shapes, but all are distinctly with an Eastern/Asian look. They can be square, like the one pictured, or pagoda lanterns can be ornate and with a curvaceous look.
2) Moroccan lantern. These come with different colored glass shapes and usually come with a square body and domed top. If your wedding uses a variety of bold colors like orange, pink and yellow, these could work beautifully. Cost Plus World Market has a ton of ideas for a lantern centerpiece, specifically for Moroccan-themed lanterns.
3) Scroll lantern. These are super-detailed lanterns that can come in several different shapes and sizes. The common element of these are the scrolls and flourishes present on the lantern, which adds gorgeous detail. 4) Tea candle lantern. Tea candle lanterns don't exactly look like "lanterns" in being self-enclosed, but they definitely work as centerpieces when placed in the middle of a table. You may need additional garnishes like wreathes, flowers, etc. Otherwise, the look may be a little too bare.
5) Garden lantern. I notice these types of lanterns are more simple in design, probably because they're actually used in gardens and should be functional as opposed to being used for decoration. This means that they tend to be less expensive and much easier to find.
6) Railroad lantern. Clearly, these are more rustic in design and should be used for country weddings or western weddings.

And of course, let's see how other brides have used these for their own unique wedding centerpieces...

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