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How to Pick Wedding Colors


Where do I learn how to pick wedding colors? How does royal blue look with teal? Could anyone possibly pull off an orange-colored wedding? I asked all of these questions. I remember when I tried to find mine, I scoured the internet and used color wheels, different colored paper, colored pencils… but somehow, no color scheme fit! Even the cute “pink and brown” scheme didn’t look appealing.

Here was my old method of using basic colors put together, demonstrated using the wedding colors pink and brown.


It looks awful, doesn’t it? Totally bland and lifeless!

Then, my brilliant sister showed me how to pick wedding colors in a way that works: use ribbon. Two magic words fixed my wedding color dilemma. When she told me her method, I was skeptical—how could ribbons possibly help? We took a field trip to the craft store where she showed me what I’m going to show you now.

Now let’s try it using swatches from ribbons:

wedding ribbons

This looks SO much better. Granted, I wouldn’t pair some of these pink colors with some shades of brown, but it’s a good starting point. After seeing how certain shades of pink look with others, you can get throw in a few supporting colors like tan. By using ribbons to pick wedding colors, you can see texture, different shades. Slowly, you can envision pink wedding favors tied with brown ribbon or pink organza bags with brown M&M’s. Somehow, how to pick wedding colors becomes easier!

If you don’t feel like getting out of your seat to play with ribbons, then the two websites below are great for helping you pick wedding colors by just copying and pasting their image on a basic “paint” program. You should get similar results to the collage above. These will help you on how to pick wedding colors.

These ribbons can be found at So if you’ve decided on a color, I’d check out this site to get the ribbons for wedding favors or handmade wedding invitations. also has a wide selection of beautiful organza ribbons, which can be used for all types of things from wedding centerpieces to floral arrangements.

In fact, the proves how wedding colors you never imaged would look good together can be stunning: sea foam green, purple, orange, and olive sounds awful, right? But this picture illustrates with ribbons how great it can look! This illustrates a good point—be fearless with wedding colors. Go for off-the-wall combinations when making your own ribbon collage. You’d be surprised at the effect!

Doesn’t this look great? I can see this color scheme working well for backyard weddings or even as a source of inspiration for beach wedding ideas.

If you’re still asking yourself how to pick wedding colors, try the third method of making a wedding collage. Now, as someone who makes collages I’ll warn you of this: it’s time consuming. Sometimes you agonize over finding just the right picture, and using Photoshop or other software programs can be tricky. Plus, using ribbons helps you mix and match faster than assembling specific pictures. Nonetheless, making a vision board is a great way to plan wedding decoration ideas or helping with wedding flowers ideas: just try picking a color first, and then make the collage! I made one for pink and brown below as an example to continue with this wedding theme. Just pair unique wedding dresses, wedding cakes ideas or wedding flower ideas based on your colors into a picture.

pink wedding theme

Consider using tans in your dress to compliment the wedding color looks. This Vera Wang gown illustrates the point beautifully.

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses in pink and brown, here’s a tip: do NOT put some in brown dresses while others in pink. The result is like that icky color palate above, unless you use soft pinks and browns. That might work. I’d stick with brown, and then make the bouquets match the other colors.

These bridesmaid knee-length dresses are from Amsale Bridesmaids. Cute, right?

Cupcakes Take the Cake makes the adorable cupcakes. I’m so glad cupcake wedding cake trends are rising—I think that’s awesome! Like, I’d just go to this site just to cheer me up. Who the heck doesn’t like cupcakes?

The wedding cake is from her other designs are quite lovely, too.

The lanterns are from, which has an extensive selection of paper lanterns should you want them at your wedding reception. Best yet, the chocolate brown lanterns are just $6.50 apiece, which is great when I see others running for $30 on up. The paper fans and little pink lanterns are from here, too. I sorta fell in love with this site when I saw the wide array of reasonably-priced products from here.

The chocolate covered pink strawberries are from while you can buy them, making them the night before (make your maid of honor earn her title!) shouldn’t be too hard with some white dipping chocolate mixed with red food dye for stripes, as well as milk chocolate for dipping. This is a great for summer wedding ideas, when strawberries are in season.

Think about chocolate pearl jewelry like this one from this accessory shows how to pick wedding colors by certain items: it looks so classy, and with a light pink flower bouquet, it’s unbeatable.

I know I’m a little feather hairpiece crazy, but Jenny Pickle’s Etsy shop makes some gorgeous ones.

And lastly, the shoes are fromSteve Madden—who knew they made stylish wedding shoes?

Hopefully this provided some insight on how to pick wedding colors. Good luck, soon-to-be brides!

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