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Hawaiian Wedding Ideas


Hawaiian wedding ideas are similar to beach themed wedding ideas or any other oceanic setting... with a little twist. Hawaii is known for its gorgeous flowers, seashells and of course, white sand beaches. These enhancements can create a gorgeous wedding.

I've made two different collages below in addition to the beach themed wedding collages I've already created here and here on other parts of the site. Each offer a different look and feel for a wedding on the water!

The first Hawaiian wedding ideas are based on a white Hawaiian wedding theme, namely using white seashells.

hawaiian wedding ideas

The wedding dressesfor both collages is from Jade Fashion, a Hawaiian-based store with a wide selection. Best of all, Hawaiian wedding dresses (which are casual and made of simple fabrics like cotton) cost a fraction of mainland wedding dresses.

Men can wear white shirts and khakis for a Hawaiian wedding--this one is from Lava Hut, which provides many Hawaiian wedding ideas with the clothing and accessories they offer.

Seashell wedding items are a nice touch in lieu of traditional white wedding items, like baskets and ring pillows. These Hawaiian wedding ideas take things a step farther: think about a seashell bouquet like the one seen here from Sherry Sells Seashells. Or, get a seashell tiara like this one from Etsy artist, Brims and Trims.

While I mention purchasing a few of the seashell things, others can be easily made. Just purchase some shells in bulk, grab a glue gun and some ribbon, and add them to baskets and favor boxes.

Here's a tip when it comes to buying ANY type of Hawaiian shell jewelry: with the exception of a fancy bouquet or tiara, wait until you get to Hawaii to buy 'em: beautiful pukka shell necklaces, earrings, bracelets and many others are available for a fraction of the price sold on the 'net. I saw one shell necklace being sold for $20 when I've visited Hawaii and see the same thing for $7. Of course, if you're not actually getting married IN Hawaii, then by all means, buy them online!

The wedding favor boxes are some of the nicest wedding favors I've seen: these are from a Honolulu-based company called Creations By You. I love their stuff.

More Hawaiian Wedding Ideas

If you're thinking, "I could have a white wedding at home... I want a colorful luau," then that's what the next Hawaiian wedding theme will present: vibrant tropical colors with some additional ideas.

Hawaiian wedding

Bright enough, right? First Hawaiian wedding idea: use colorful Hawaiian flowers! Plumerias, orchids, birds of paradise, hibiscus and others are all part of the tropical flower family. Get fresh leis for you and your bridesmaids, and tuck a few flowers in your hair. Flowers will undoubtedly take up much of your wedding budget for a Hawaiian wedding theme, but it'll look beautiful.

Next tip: carefully design your arch. If you're getting married out on the sand, you're going to use one. It doesn't hurt to have one in check out other websites to get an idea of what yours will look like. Add shells, organza, flower balls, and other things to the arch. Considering the rest of your ceremony on the beach will look relatively barren (beautiful since it's the ocean, but barren), then the arch plays an even larger role.

For food and drink, daquiris and other tropical drinks will be a great pick. For food, make some seafood kabobs. Or, just have an assortment of fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood so people can make their own--it's like a tropical version of fondu, and way fun.

Music for the ceremony might be somewhat tricky if you're out on the beach, but the combination of a ukulele, guitar and/or harp player could be gorgeous.

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These Hawaiian wedding favors are from Creations By You.

hawaiian wedding favors

hawaiian wedding favors

hawaiian wedding favors

hawaiian wedding favors

hawaiian wedding favors

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