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Halloween Wedding Ideas


I've got a secret--I wasn't too enthusiastic about Halloween wedding ideas since I wasn't sure how it could be pulled off. But, as I began creating this halloween wedding theme collage, I now think this is one of my favorites!

Halloween wedding decorations are more than just dressing up, candy and frivolity. It can be refined, elegant, eccentric, and you can easily make your wedding the best Halloween ever. I hope you have as much fun delving into halloween wedding ideas as I had with creating this.

For wedding colors, you don't have to stick with just black and orange. In fact, treat some other colors, like a burgundy, chocolate, or maroon color on an equal level as orange. Autumn receptions invite warm colors, so use 'em.

halloween wedding theme

The wedding dress is from Cosmo Bella, and the bridesmaid dress is from Mori Lee: the ability to choose the color of the dress makes this perfect for halloween wedding ideas.

Clearly, lighting is going to be one of the most important factors of halloween wedding ideas: use tea candles and candelabras. For candelabras, scour thrift stores for old gold and silver ones.

For food and drink, pumpkins are a natural choice for a halloween wedding theme. Have seeds, soups, breads, or even cupcakes. Even pumpkin beer is an option. I included some orange truffles from Prestat.

Halloween wedding decorations using mini or carved pumpkins and gourds are easy centerpieces. Also, tree branch centerpieces with hanging tea candles are gorgeous for this theme.

If you or a friend has a black cat, think about including him in the wedding! Many people lovingly add their pets into the celebration, and a black cat haunting the premise could be way fun... just make sure they have a nice quiet corner and doesn't spook easily. Otherwise, this could be one of many cute Halloween wedding ideas.

To light the way to the ceremony, use carved pumpkins and luminarias along the path.

More Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas

curly willow centerpieces are great for halloween--just stick some mini pumpkins around the vase, add orange flowers, hang orange, purple or maroon candles from the branches, and you're set!

For candy, yes, you can get customized wedding candy in black and orange... but it's Halloween! Candy during this time of year is usually colored in black and orange, so why pay more? I illustrated Hershey kisses in the picture as an example of how halloween wedding decorations can be super-easy. Sooo, as a Halloween wedding favor idea, just take orange takeout boxes, tie a cute black ribbon on it, fill it with candy and you're set.

While some reception themes lend to buying customized items, Halloween wedding theme ideas can easily be fulfilled with a trip to the craft store.

halloween wedding favors

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For a wedding reception venue, have your wedding in a remote forest at an old historic mansion.

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Gothic churches are another good choice of venue.

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