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Gothic Wedding Ideas


Goth weddings can be dark, elegant, and very beautiful. A few gothic wedding ideas are below, and I'd also check out the Halloween wedding ideas too, since the theme is somewhat similar.

For this goth wedding theme, I chose colors of red, gold and black.

gothic wedding ideas

To successfully pull off this theme, focus on venue, furniture, and lighting. Yep, I said furniture. Thankfully, standard ballroom chairs look great with this theme, but I would ask relatives, friends, and lastly, rent antique furniture like the chaise lounge shown in the picture and place them throughout the venue. Maybe add a side table with some antique books.

While I sometimes question wedding dresses in colors other than white, this is the absolute best theme to have a black or red wedding dress. The Gothic wedding dresses in the picture are from the website, Gothic Wedding They make some truly awesome dresses. Another thought is to research stores like Group USA which can also cover gothic wedding ideas. They specialize in prom dresses, actually. Now, the only reason I mention prom dresses is because they tend to be a little more... Elizabethan-style: beading, glowing skirts, colorful, etc. So, a beautiful prom dress fits the theme well while costing a fraction of a wedding dress. Just some food for thought, there.

Gargoyles are pretty awesome, and I'd think about getting a few figurines to place on church pews or throughout the reception area. Because such figurines are not readily advertised on traditional wedding websites, then there's always Halloween wedding theme, candelabras are going to be pretty important. Track em down at thrift and antique stores. They might look ugly in the store, but they will look stunning at the reception.

Fill your altar with lit candles. For a goth wedding, there is no such thing as too many candles. Seriously, even if your wedding is a year from now, start buying pillar candles for the big day. Do not skimp on these gothic wedding ideas regarding lighting!

If your groom is adventurous enough to wear a top hat, try to get him to do so!

For wedding flowers your work is practically done for you since you need nothign more than simple red roses. Believe it or not, black roses are sold. Well, kind of. Two types of black roses called black baccara and black magic roses are available, which look very, very dark to the point of appearing black. Work directly with your florist to see if he or she can obtain these for you--they should be happy to accomodate. Then, maybe you could dry them since dried roses look black. Stick the dried roses in your bouquet of fresh red roses, and you have a black and red bouquet as your gothic wedding idea.

I like the look of a rich gold, which is why I added the box of Godiva chocolates. It adds some opulence, I think.

More Gothic Wedding Ideas

So, now that the overall look is envisioned, I made this next collage to show more details of a goth wedding, specifically some unique wedding centerpieces.

gothic wedding ideas

For some reason, visions of an old library kept coming into my head... so I ran with it here.

For one of many wedding reception centerpiece ideas, I thought using old antique books would be really awesome, and pretty easy. Just take about 3 of them, put a dripping candle stick on top of it, and maybe use some marbe candle holders around them. I don't know if you want to use skulls or not, but placing one atop the book might look nice.

Placing a lantern on the table could be part of centerpiece ideas for a wedding with a goth twist. Like I said, lighting would be big with this theme. Keep it as dim and candle-lit as possible!

When I visited Austria, they had Mozart stuff everywhere! For some reason this goth wedding theme made me think of a few of the things I saw there. So, if you're wondering about the violin schnapps bottle and Mozart chocolate on the table, now you know. They're definitely obscure, but if you google either "mozartkugeln" or "nannerl schnapps" you can find em. I just think they're quirky and fun, somehow fitting into this baroque-like wedding theme!

Homemade wedding favor ideas can be used in this goth wedding: the little tan clasp box on the table is from Michael's, and they're only about a dollar each. Take an exacto-knife, carve a few swirl designs in them, and then paint them the desired color in either blood-red, black, or whatever. Fill them with candy or other small things.

Cello music is haunting, soulful, and in the right reception area can really resonate beautiful music. Think about hiring one to play during the wedding reception. If you're looking for any type of music, then as a gothic wedding idea use baroque music.

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For the wedding venue, the obvious choice is a gothic church.


If you can't use a gothic church, then an old historic home (or even borrowing a friend or neighbor's house which has columns, pillars and all things cool) will work. Southern homes are especially great for a gothic wedding theme.

haunted mansion

Okay, I came across this gothic-style jewelry by Etsy artist, Ghostlovejewelry and thought it would be absolutely perfect for a goth wedding. Love it.

goth jewelry

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