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Fruit Wedding Centerpiece


To make a fruit wedding centerpiece requires pretty little--you got fruit, a vase, maybe some flowers, and behold: a fruit centerpiece! Ok, so it might be a little trickier... but not much. I promise.

fruit wedding centerpiece

Which fruit you select really depends on your color scheme and choice of flowers. They can all work well for any garden wedding theme, and others. For a yellow or orange wedding theme, for example, the natural choice is using lemons or oranges, maybe mixing the two. No shocker, eh? I've definitely seen a few green apples turn up as a very common selection as well. Green apples work best for black and white wedding themes, pink, green, even brown!

For an idea of how these centerpieces can look with certain colors and themes, I posted a board below.

As for which fruits can be used in a centerpiece, think about the following.
Whole oranges
Whole green (or red) apples
Whole limes
Whole lemons
Sliced oranges
Sliced limes

Other than the rare red, common orange, yellow and green, I seldom see other fruits used. That said, you can add flowers in any color to this arrangement to widen the color spectrum.

Fruit Wedding Centerpiece Gallery

Fruit works for brides who do not want to spend a fortune on wedding flowers. With the eyes focused on the vase just as much as the flowers, it means you can limit how many flowers are used. If you have a high floral budget, on the other hand, feel free to use fruit to add additional elegance to opulent wedding flower centerpieces.

Many different glass jars are used, and sometimes, the simplicity of just a few pieces of fruit in a glass bowl along with candles are all you need for a lovely centerpiece. If your venue is outdoors, I think these types of centerpieces work especially well.

If interested in a diy version, then shows how to make a fruit wedding centerpiece.

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