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When I reference "country wedding ideas" I should clarify that I mean rural countryside, not Western--so if you're looking for cowboy boots and hats, then I made a page on that here!

The colors I used are light pink, lavender, and a touch of yellow namely because I think dust roses, lavender and sunflowers are the best flowers to use for country wedding ideas.

country wedding theme

For a country wedding theme, flowers, lighting and scent will be important.

Scent, you ask? Why yes--if you're out in beautiful flowing fields which may or may not have cattle, you'll want floral, herbal scents throughout the site: consider bowls of potpurri and reed diffusers placed on tables and around the wedding venue.

The dress is from J Crew, perfect for casual, laid back country wedding ideas.

The bridesmaid dresses are from David's Bridal, namely because I knew the offer that deep purple color that fits well for this particular theme. Another option is using cute sundresses, which could be a way to cut costs. As is, David's Bridal is pretty reasonable.

With the flowers, I like the country wedding idea of using wicker baskets to place them in instead of using a traditional bouquet. That said, I love the lavender bouquets for this theme.

As for food and drink I recommend getting sparkling lemonade in those really pretty bottles, looking something like this one from Lorina. Oh, Izze Soda is another brand I can think of that has these clever bottles. If this is a little on the pricey side, then just buy some club soda and make your own using pink and red fruits like strawberries, pomegranates. Then add some lemon and sweetener, and voila--your own pink soda.

Lighting will be one of the most important aspects of this theme, and there are so many country wedding ideas to fulfill this. I got these lights from Cost Plus World Market, just because of their wide selection of rustic-looking lights and lanters. Mason jar candle settings are also fantastic for a country wedding theme.

On serving food, anything you take in a picnic basket will work well. In fact, one budget wedding idea is to just have one giant sandwich bar where people can select their bread, meat, cheeses, roasted vegetables, and condiments like mustard, pesto, hummus or mayonnaise. Sandwiches are some of the most underrated foods, and I like the ability to customize your own dish to satisfy all of your guests' tastes.

Country Wedding Favors

Making or buying decently-priced country wedding favors is super-easy: I have saturated you with ideas below.

country wedding favor

So we've got a lot of stuff going on here. Firstly...

make muffins! Anything with oatmeal is going to be very country-like. If you place them in a wicker basket or just wrap them in pretty tissue paper, it's a very easy, inexpensive wedding favor idea.

boxes with raffia ribbon and pressed flowers are a beautiful country wedding idea: just get a brown paper box, fill it with little candies, tie it with raffia and you're good to go.

In continuation with the scent idea, potpurri in organza bags are equally easy to make and pretty inexpensive as well.

cookies in a jar is another country wedding favor idea: it'll be a little time consuming to make, but it's super-cute once completed and looks very countryside.

Handmade soap is another thought, and these things are easily found online. These lavender-scented soaps are from Strawberry Hedgehog, a great ethical company that makes all-natural, all-vegan soaps.

Lavender sachets are another country wedding favor: these are from a really lovely lavender farm called Lavender Fields Farm.

The flower-pressed images and ideas can all be found at Flower Since these things can take a long time to dry and press, figure out what you're doing a few months before the wedding!

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For bridesmaid gifts that fit with a country wedding theme, opt for L'Occitane products: they're elegant, fresh and beautiful.

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country wedding gift

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