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Christmas Wedding Ideas


Christmas wedding ideas are full of color and spirit. You can really use a number of color combinations, from white and silver, or gold and ivory or, as the theme page illustrates, winter wedding ideas can be silver and warm colors.

In the case of the Christmas wedding ideas below, I used traditional colors of gold, silver and green with a hint of red.

Christmas wedding ideas

There's a lot of action here to cover! Let's start with the dress. Priscilla of Boston has this great Platinum collection, perfect for christmas wedding ideas. I highly recommend using their dresses for any winter wedding ideas in general because of the sheer white, beading, and crystals.

The bridesmaid dress is from David's Bridal, and I think the green color is interchangeable with a deep maroon or red for this Christmas wedding theme.

For Christmas wedding invitations, I like hanging the tags shown in the picture (it's the tag marked "JOY"), and the artist's shop is called Sunshine and Ravioli... really cute stuff.

I love the idea of using muffs instead of a flower bouquet! If you do too, Etsy artist Vladana has them, and I think they're super-awesome for a christmas wedding theme.

With jewelry, I'd say the bride should wear silver and the bridesmaids wear gold, maybe with red or green accents. The ruby chandelier earrings are from Myra Elizabeth.

Christmas wedding favor ideas are SO easy, since your favor boxes already look like little Christmas packages! Otherwise, give Christmas ornaments in your colors tied with ribbons. I provided other possibilities, too. Clicking on the photo will take you to the website to follow up on pricing, etc.

Another Christmas wedding idea is to have a Christmas tree, which functions two-fold: people can place their wedding gifts to you under the tree, or you could ask people to take an ornament off the tree home as a gift. Easy!

I like chocolate as a gift idea, and Ghirardelli has wedding favors that already look like little Christmas boxes.

Drinks are pretty easy... eggnog! Add a small candy cane to it for an extra-Christmassy feel.

On the table, it's very easy to have a candle garden. Just align 3 pillar candles of silver or gold on a plate, and add glass stones to it and maybe a few jingle bells. There's one shown at the bottom right of the picture, and here's another with a few Christmas enhancements. I'm sure you can find more interesting candles and add better enhancements, but hey, this is just a general idea.

christmas wedding ideas

You're going to want to use lots and lots of Christmas lights... and why not? It's the most appropriate time! The lights in this picture were professionally done by a group The Christmas Light Pros in Indianapolis.

christmas lights

Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas

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If this gallery was helpful, then check out Christmas wedding centerpieces as well as winter wedding ideas for additional galleries full of decoration tips that fit with this holiday theme.

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How pretty is this mistletoe? If you're using an arch, Hang it right under you and your soon-to-be spouse at the ceremony! This silver-plated mistletoe can be found by the The Rose Lady

christmas wedding decoration ideas

For your venue, try finding the snowiest most magical Christmas city you can, like a little town in Vermont or Rhode Island.

Christmas wedding theme

Use wreaths either on the table, on the side of church pews, walls... it's pretty endless what you can do with these things. They don't have to be entirely green, as I know they make white ones. You can customize your wreaths if you make them to include little Christmas balls in your wedding colors. The ones in the picture are from Wreaths Galore.

christmas wedding decoration ideas

And of course, a horse-drawn carriage is always lovely. While you might think it sounds a little cliche, I ask you this: when do you think you will ever ride in one again in your life? It's totally worth it.

christmas wedding theme

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