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Christmas Wedding Centerpieces


Christmas wedding centerpieces can create a winter wonderland wedding theme with the right colors, accessories, and flowers. The best way to approach the creation of these centerpieces is to envision each like a dinner table around the holidays. What sort of decorations do you use around the holidays? Poinsettas, pinecones, snowflakes, Christmas ornaments, train sets, nutcrackers, nativity scenes... yep, all of these can create a Christmassy centerpiece.

I think a gingerbread house centerpiece would look pretty awesome, though it would take incredible patience (and talent) to build! Nonetheless, even using cardboard to construct it could look amazing--you could use gold or silver spraypaint, garlands, fabric... each table could be like a village.

If you have 12 wedding tables, then you could have a "12 days of Christmas" theme with one table as a partridge in a pear tree, table 7 with swans a swimming... you might have to get creative with things like "maids of milking" (er, cows...?) but it could definitely be done.

All of the following items can be utilized for a Christmas wedding centerpiece:
Curly willow
Christmas ornaments
Holiday bows
Christmas wreaths
(think about laying them flat on the table)
Gingerbread cookies: can be used as a cookie buffet, or place one on each plate
holiday nuts: you see em in bulk at stores--walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds, etc. Put them in a clear bowl on the table.
Christmas presents: make large "empty" ones from cardboard boxes and decorate with super-fancy wrapping paper and organza ribbons in your wedding colors.
mini Christmas trees

Here's a tip: if you know you'll be having a Christmas wedding, stock up the week after Christmas the year prior to get decorations at huge discounts. This will be immensely helpful, especially for ornaments.

I would also suggest a good table runner, too: if it's sheer, you can place string Christmas lights below the table runner to have the table "glow" which would be pretty. Then, just place clear bowls filled with Christmas ornaments and pinecones and it's a simple, elegant centerpiece.

Christmas Wedding Centerpieces Gallery

If these galleries of images really help, then I also made an additional Christmas wedding decoration ideas gallery over on the Christmas wedding theme page in addition to the winter wedding theme ideas for additional christmas wedding centerpieces. These two pages should provide all-new images as well, so it shouldn't be a repeat of ideas seen here (since that's not cool).

What I like is how many colors gold can go with, so you really don't have to use just red and green--I saw some gold and hot pink, purple, icy blue, teal, and other colors that doesn't seem like they'd match, but they all seem to work well. So, just because you have a Christmas-themed wedding, do NOT think you have to use traditional colors. While an all-silver wedding is undoubtedly lovely, it's your day. Don't be afraid to experiment with color.

Look to wrapping paper and Christmas cards for additional ideas. You'd be surprised at some of the designs and colors used, which you may want to model your own wedding after. If you find wrapping paper you like, then you can use the paper in dozens of ways: make paper stars to hang, Christmas present boxes, line glass jars with it... endless possibilities, really.

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