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Sometimes in the midst of planning, you just heave a sigh and say, "all I want are casual wedding ideas. I don't want lace, frills, or the headache of a formal wedding." I completely agree. Thankfully, there are many ways to have a casual wedding full of inexpensive wedding ideas, too. I've written a few low-budget, laid back themes already in backyard wedding ideas and budget wedding ideas which is full of ways to cut costs while still looking elegant.

With in my "casual wedding ideas" page, I'm talking really casual. We've got board games, picnic baskets, and coffeebar action, here, all set with a purple color outdoor theme. I showed pictures of a cafe, too: if there's a favorite haunt of yours at a cafe and your wedding party is relatively small, consider renting that venue. One amazing wedding site, Offbeat Bride really represents how casual wedding ideas can be classy, too.

casual wedding ideas

We've got a ton of stuff going on here! The first casual wedding ideas discussed will be going picnic style. One way to handle food is by making picnic baskets for your guests. On the RSVP forms, include the types of sandwiches, wraps, and topings you could provde. Then, when they arrive, they'll go to their table with a picnic basket full of things to make sandwiches like rolls, tortilla wraps or pita, along with cold cuts, avocados, hummus, mustard, chips, and other things. A handmade sandwich can taste as good as any cut of rib with quality ingredients like crunchy baguettes and fancy cheeses. Sandwiches do not have to be low-grade.

Instead of a alcohol bar, consider a coffee bar (especially if during the day!). Ask for an early housewarming gift of an espresso maker, hire a few baristas, and have guests order their favorite coffee beverages. Personally, I would take a good latte over a good margarita any time. Kids can heave "steamers" (milk with flavored syrup), apple juice, hot chocolate, and other things.

The best place for a casual wedding dress is BCBG. Their collection had about 5 white dresses I thought were adorable, and they also make for inexpensive wedding dresses, too.

The bright and colorful bridesmaid dress can offset the simplicity of your own: this one is from Aria.

For casual wedding reception ideas, I thought it would be great to play some sort of sports like football or softball. The groom's family could play against the bride, for some fun reward like, "winner makes dinner for the first month of marriage" or something similar.

The best weddings are ones that are personalized. Think about getting a projector and playing a documentary assembled by guests. Ask your maid of honor to videotape all of the couples there, asking them for their tips on how to make a marriage work. The answers could be touching, funny, or thought-provoking. Then, she (or whoever she knows that's handy with a video-editing program) can assemble it and play it for the bride at the reception. One projector can go a long way--it can do so much more than just show baby pictures of the couple (though I always liked seeing those!). I think one of the BEST weddings are the ones that are personalized and thoughtful. It's one way to get the whole group involved in the big day. This casual wedding idea is what makes this video, "Amy's Song" one of the most touching I've seen. If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth a watch! You won't regret it, I promise.

Maybe have a karaoke maching, or hook up a Playstation and get people involved in a Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero tournament. If you do serve alcohol, this could make the party ten times more interesting. Hopefully you and your family don't take themselves too seriously! As is, I've seen my own mom partake in DDR and it's an awesome sight. Make that your grandparents and it's infinitely more awesome. I would treasure any wedding photo of my old aunt singing karaoke or playing Guitar Hero.

Games are a great way to lighten the mood at events. Consider placing a classic board game at the table, or, get the bridal party to enact a game of charades with the audience trying guess the answer. I know I've never laughed so hard as I have during a game of charades with my friends. I had one friend try to act out the movie, "Love in the Time of Cholera." It was magic.

While a little more expensive, renting a photobooth is a great casual wedding idea that can make a great souvenir of funny, endearing photos.

Below is a gallery full of images for some casual wedding ideas inspiration.

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