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Budget wedding ideas are no different than regular wedding ideas... they just require a little more creativity and research. Before I present beautiful, inexpensive wedding ideas in a picture below, we're going to play a game. Indulge me for a bit. I'm going to present a few wedding dresses, shoes, and venues. Your job is to guess which one belongs to what price tag. And yeah, there's a point to all of this, so bear with me.

In this picture, we have the same lovely beautiful orchid flower bouquet, and a lovely pink ring for each bride. The dress, however, is different. One is around $4,000 from the designer, and the other is $200 on Ebay.

budget wedding dress ideas

So, I love this designer. I think they produce lovely dresses, and I've used a few of their gorgeous dresses on this site... but can you really tell which one is worth well over $3,800 more than the other? While die-hard bridal fashionistas might argue how the quality is easily discernible in person, is it really so discernible in a large church pew sitting 15 rows back? Or at the wedding reception after 3 or 4 drinks? Will they notice if the designer uses czech beads instead of more expensive Swarovski crystal? Doubtful! So here's my big point: the only person that will ever know the cost of your dress, and the only person likely to care, is you. And I won't even get into how you technically only wear the dress for a day.... so while bridal images are all fine and well, and I use designer wedding dresses primarily because of the photo quality for use in photoshop, I am 1,000% convinced that you can find a gorgeous wedding dress on just hundreds of dollars instead of thousands. Alright, alright. I'll finally step off my soap box and answer the original question on this budget wedding ideas game. The EBay dress is on the left, and the designer dress is from Amsale.

Let's move on to shoes. One is $350, and the other is $25.

cheap wedding shoes
Again, both are white, pretty, a little sparkly... and one happens to be $325 cheaper. The one on the left is from Payless, and the one on the right is from Stuart Weitzman.

Hopefully you can now understand how no one "theme" consitutes a budget wedding in its entirety: it's made of a ton of little choices all along the wedding planning process. Budget wedding ideas are identical to regular wedding planning.

Buuut, I understand this doesn't exactly help you find ways to cut costs. So I'm going to make a wedding theme using inexpensive wedding ideas. I'm going to use my second-choice venue in Maryland called the Riversdale House Museum which is just $850 to rent for the evening.

By the way, in my hunt for a venue to use for this collage, I found lighthouses in Washington for $1,000, old mansions in the heart of DC for just $2,000, Spanish courtyards in Arizona for $1,500, and lush green gazebos in Florida.. You can find some amazing venues for very reasonable costs.

Here's what I came up with: the wedding colors are pink, gold and yellow.

inexpensive wedding ideas

The inexpensive wedding dress is from Group USA for just $350. The bridesmaid dress is from Charlotte Russe for $40.

To save money on dresses: let your bridesmaids pick their own dress within certain constraints, like "get any cream colored tea-length dress, and run it by me before getting it." This gives them the flexibility to choose a reusable dress and they foot the bill. I was thrilled when my sister did this for our white bridesmaid dresses! I spent $30 and found something adorable. Regarding wedding dresses, look on Craislist, and places that sell prom dresses. If you really want a name brand, then try renting it.

Oh, I love button bouquets so I included one from Letters 4 Lilly. Admittedly, they're not economical but at the same time, you don't throw it out by the end of the night. Kind've like how moms save their wedding dress for their kids, I'd decorate my kid's nursery with the button bouquet since I think they're so lovely.

The flower hairpiece is from Classy Weddings.

The parasols and candle holders are from Luna Bazaar.

With the theme above, I incorporated a few tricks by using items that take up a lot of room, are colorful, yet inexpensive. One of a few budget wedding ideas is to use open parasols by the altar, give fans to your bridesmaids, and making flower balls. None of these cost much money, but they really fill out your venue space on the cheap.

Making a cupcake wedding cake is another budget wedding ideas that creates a declicious, yet inexpensive wedding cake. Consider making the cupcakes the night before and research a few Michael's offers cake decorating classes: go to a few of them for fun and make an evening of it with your bridesmaids.

For unique wedding centerpiece ideas that are also inexpensive, use objects that are large in space but expensive, like different sized crystal bowls found at thrift stores. Fill them up with water and add floating candles and flower petals. Sprinkle glass marbles in your wedding colors, a few additional candles, and you're good to go. I recommend using a textured table runner, too, since it adds detail to the table.

Another budget wedding idea for the table is to make fun napkin rings. If you're using white dishes, make your table pop with some color by gluing a silk flower onto a strip of paper, wrap it around your napkin, and let dry. It's easy but again, adds color and texture at a low price.

Use beverages as a way to enhance color. In the case of this theme, pink lemonade is easy, though it could just as easily be using mint leaves with a green theme or using red punch for a red theme. Having a colored beverage can substitute for the colors that expensive flowers provide.

Do not buy fancy favor boxes: always make wedding favor boxes to save money. You can add character by buying paper with a texture/pattern, and make little gift tags to hang from the box. This saves money by not buying textured, fancy boxes or fancy ribbon. One piece of textured paper will go a long way. I'll illustrate what I mean below.

inexpensive wedding favor ideas

I designed a low-cost wedding table for a budget wedding idea: the vases are just $2 each at Ikea which has a ton of products for budget wedding ideas, whereupon you can put nice puffy flowers like Dahlias in them. Set 2 paper fans in front of the vases and add 2 gold candlesticks. The table will look far fuller with wine, food, silverware, and other things: as is, this simple centerpiece goes a long way. If your table will fit 8 people, this will cost $320 in table decorations for a wedding of 60 or so.

I'm hoping to expand an entire wing of the site specifically to budget wedding ideas pertaining to table settings within the next two months, so stay tuned.

unique wedding centerpieces

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