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Black and White Wedding Ideas


Black and white wedding ideas are easy to work with: many decorations are naturally white (tents, linens, plates, etc), which means working with black accents. In many ways, this is a great budget wedding idea since white things cost less and are much easier to find. The appearance is still classy and elegant, though, as you can work with so many different patterns. I know this is a very busy picture so I'll make a second one on a white background!

black and white wedding theme

The dress is from Priscilla of Boston. Their work is soft, delicate, and yet unique.

For a black and white wedding theme, I highly recommend getting bridesmaid shoes, accessories, and dresses from White House Black Market. Their prices are reasonable, and your bridesmaids will be grateful to have a little black dress they can reuse after the ceremony.

The cake is from an Australian company called A Piece of Cake.

The picture coaster wedding favors are from My Wedding Favors.

More Black and White Wedding Theme

I'll opt for a cleaner look for these black and white wedding ideas and delve into table centerpiece ideas, wedding flowers, and other fun stuff.

black and white wedding ideas

When planning with this design in mind, patterns easily the most important part. Two patterns are above: damask and toile. If look up these in the form of a vase, plate, candle and other items, you should find objects like the above.

The 3 black vases are from Target, which means they're really inexpensive. You can put any type of flowers in them, from white roses, calla lilies, or others.

The toile vase and damask candles are a little tricky to find, but EBay offers a ton of them from individual vendors.

The tins are from Wedding Favorites.

I strongly suggest patterned tablecloths: they can make all the difference in making a unique wedding table. The tablecloth shown is from Wildflower Linens. Their selection makes me think it might be worth it to spend money on linens, which can substitute paying more for fancier flowers or wedding centerpieces.

The favor boxes are from Bridal

One alternative to a flower bouquet is a crystal bouquet. LYDC can do wonders for a black and white wedding ideas with her designs.

Black and White Wedding Centerpiece

For some more wedding theme ideas, I added this gallery of centerpieces.

Black and White Wedding Theme Accessories

In case you need some inspiration with bouquets, jewelry, and garter belts, these would all fit in perfectly for this wedding.

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For music, think about hiring a pianist to play a few songs during the reception. It adds to the classy theme of the wedding reception.


Another idea is to play old black and white movies on a projector at the event, or show black and white photos of you and your new spouse.


If you rent a tent, while it's a little more expensive I'd think about renting some chandeliers. They're so delicate and if you're using damask or toile patterns, it's a perfect fit.


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