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August Wedding Ideas


August is a beautiful time to get married. If you're planning a wedding outside, then this page will provide August wedding ideas full of unique outdoor wedding ideas. I'll also make a collage for indoor "country club" look too, in the event that you won't be near a beach. Bear with me on these ideas, since August weddings can be just about anywhere with any theme.

Beach Wedding Theme

For colors, your possibilities are endless. I would opt for delicate pastels in yellow and pink. When my sister got married in the summer, she chose bold colors in purple, yellow, orange, and fuschia. In fact, I'll try to recreate her wedding in my picture using her own summer wedding ideas. When she told me her wedding colors, I thought she was nuts... but together, they look awesome.

beach wedding theme

The dress is by J Crew, which is perfect for August wedding ideas if you're looking for a more casual, beachy look.

The Bridesmaid dress is by J Hjelm Couture.

For drinks, lemonade in glass jars (maybe spiked with vodka for a refreshing alcoholic drink) is a good choice.

My sister used betta fish centerpieces at her wedding... who ALL got good homes with a long life after the wedding was over. Her house was full of fish, each in their own home, but they looked stunning. Fish can be a nice look, but just remember that they are living creatures who need attention. So, fish can be a good august wedding idea if they get good homes afterwards!

Think about using bubbles, too. Bubble wands are relatives inexpensive, and can look beautiful. Or, get a bubble blowing machine to play when it's announced you're officially husband and wife.

If you're officially sold on beach wedding ideas, I have a whole section dedicated to it here.
And in the meantime, I created a special section on beach wedding centerpiece ideas.

Beach Wedding Centerpiece

Many of these beach centerpiece ideas use shells, moss, fish, and other items.

Here are some favor ideas, too: each picture is a link if you'd like to check out the site for things like pricing info.

Country Club August Wedding Idea

So, are you thinking of something a little less casual and less outdoorsy? Country clubs can be a good pick, since they offer the best of both worlds: the location is nice, guests can walk the well-manicured grounds outside, and you're completely shelterd in case of bad weather. They're also very... Great-Gatsbyesque: think 1920's roaring summer party. That's what I think of and would like should I do a country club wedding.

For colors, country clubs are nice since they're essentially a blank canvas. In continuation with the roaring 1920s wedding theme, I chose gold, black and white for this design.

country club wedding

The wedding dress is from Eugenia, and the bridesmaid dress is from The Rose Dress collection.

I recommend having sparklers to light at the end of the ceremony, and driving off to the reception in a classic vintage car.

The wedding reception venue in the picture is from Kingsmill in Williamsburg, Virginia.

For a golf-based, 1920s swinger bash, here are a few favor ideas. Like the above, each picture's also a link.


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beach wedding

Shells look lovely scattered on the table.

Sea glass jewelry makes a great gift to your bridesmades to wear during the reception. The top necklace design is from Etsy artist, Beach Glass Memories and the bottom design is from another Etsy artist, Japonica

Pay a little extra for a jazz band to play at the wedding

country club wedding ideas

I love the birdcage veil look, which especially works well with this theme. Below is one for just $20 from the Etsy artist, The Velvet Owl. Her work is gorgeous, and very reasonable.

birdcage veil

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