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So here's a bit about me: As a newly-engaged girl, I entered into the bridal world for the first time ever. Finding actual wedding ideas and inspiration on the web is difficult: catalogues are great, but I needed something to show me what my wedding day could look like in one large picture. I didn’t want to see a catalogue where a fortune cookie placeholder was next to a western one, because it didn’t help me see the big picture. And while I adore looking at the pictures of other people’s wedding, I always wondered, “Where did she get that dress?” or, “Gosh, that looks expensive.” So, I turned to art for my inspiration. I turned to this hobby as a way to sift through ideas, wedding themes and colors. Somehow, I could actually envision this beautiful day with enough pictures piecemealed together.

Collaging has been a hobby of mine since the 8th grade, when I poured over a project on my family heritage in my social studies class (Italian, baby!). By the way, food magazines provide the best pictures of stuff—those things got torn to shreds in my house. Thankfully, the digital age has provided a less-messy way to do this.

I created this website to help other brides out there explore their own possibilities. You can know exactly where to find the items in the picture, and I also offer tips in addition for things I’ve learned in this process. I built this site with SiteSell, and didn't believe any of the nasty reviews that circulate. I'm glad I didn't because those reviews are nothing more than competitors trying to steal customers. If you've heard any of that nonsense and want the truth, go to the official SBI! Scam site, and learn about the other side of the story!

And what does my wedding theme look like on a canvas? Well… interestingly, I have no discernible colors! I just chose a Mexican wedding theme and went with it based on my venue. :)


About my wedding: my dress, accessories and shoes are all from Monsoon Co
My gorgeous wedding venue is Tlaquepaque in Sedona Arizona
The star lanterns I'll be using are from

And lastly... a picture about me and this great guy I happen to know!

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