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When I got engaged 6 months ago, I had no preconceived wedding ideas. I was never a girl who knew her “dream wedding” since the age of 4. So, I figured I should get some wedding books, check out bridal magazines, and try to navigate my way amongst the dizzying array of possibilities. I still felt wholly overwhelmed!

That’s why I made this website. For the curious bride. The eco chic bride. The bride who wants a winter wedding but has no idea where to find inspiration for her theme. I love making collages, and thought I’d put that passion here. Hence the name, decoupage.

In this site, you will find advice, wedding flower pictures, engagement photo ideas, cotton wedding dresses, eco-friendly rings, and other ideas and inspirations for your big day… all in a visual display. Best yet, if you fall in love with a dress, centerpiece, or wedding favor box, I include hyperlinks taking you directly to the source of the inspiration for you to buy it… but only if you’d like. You will find no catalogue or sales pitch here. Just simple wedding thoughts for your unique wedding theme idea.

I hope to provide you with beautiful collages full of possibilities for your big day. So go explore, and congratulations!

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